Unemployment is something which most of them will experience at some point in our lives and for all of us that do, it will be a time of stress affording us the feeling that the world is against us and there is no one prepared to help. This though is only a feeling as in reality there are people that would like to help and in fact, there is an office within a government department that, although it is not their primary task, goes out of its way to try and help the unemployed. The department is the Department of labor and the office I speak of is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

The OFCCP has a primary task of overseeing companies and businesses whilst they apply for or complete contracts for the government. In order to complete this task one of their duties is to ensure that all the businesses and companies comply with a policy of nondiscrimination in the advertising and filling of employment vacancies within their company or business. As a very large number of companies would welcome a lucrative government contract this ensures most companies in the country adopt nondiscrimination policies when hiring new employees.

In order for the office to complete its task companies have therefore to inform them when they have job vacancies and how and when these vacancies have been filled, affording the office the capability to monitor the proceedings. This places the office in the somewhat unique position of knowing what vacancies arise in most of the country’s businesses and when they arise. This is obviously information which any unemployed person would like to know and so the office makes the information available to them.

For those unemployed people that know of the OFCCP, this is good news as it can hopefully afford them the opportunity to quickly get re-employed. Although comprising a list of all the available jobs in the country is useful enough, the office goes one step forward by breaking down all those vacancies into smaller listings by area. This enables someone who is unemployed and looking to be employed as soon as possible, to look at the listing for their particular area hopefully finding something suitable there without having to go further afield.

One unfortunate fact though is, due to businesses continually changing locations for one reason or another, sometimes finding a new job in their own area is difficult and on some occasions almost impossible. This means in order to find acceptable work someone may have to relocate. If this happens it often depends on how far that relocation is as to whether the person relocates alone or relocates their whole family. Starting a new job and relocating are two of the most stressful experiences in life and so to experience them both at the same time can be exceptionally stressful but if it leads to securing a suitable and appropriate new job often people think the stress is worth it and in many cases, they are pleased with their decisions.